Our clients deserve our best service. MAXIMA commits to achieving the highest quality of customer services through:

  • Providing appropriate and good financial services of clients
  • Making sure the clients are not over-indebted by following strict procedures of loan assessment.
  • Providing training to clients to improve their literacy levels especially about financial matters.
  • Developing long-term empathetic relationships with clients. Having ethical and respectable behavior towards clients.
  • Diligently following the client protection principles
  • MAXIMA is regular in its self-assessment and we have several ways in which we provide our clients and staff the best opportunities possible.

MAXIMA strives to bring a better tomorrow to the people of Cambodia not only through enterprise development and livelihood opportunities but also by providing the next generation with the tools to maintain and improve their awareness of various important things. For example, MAXIMA holds regular cleanliness and health workshops for its clients’ children. We believe that to bring about the societal change we need to work and empower the next generation with the tools of knowledge and information.